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Blogging; Just Adding to the Noise

I get discouraged by all of the noise in our society.  Why should I add to it? We listen to ipodstelevisionradiocdplayers tereosynchronasticsterepophonic surrounsoundmultichannel noisenoisenoise 24 hours a day, 7 days a week…constantly.  We put in our ipods when driving with … Continue reading

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It’s a Holdup!

Here are my amazing roommates from the Focus Leadership Institute.  This picture was from barn dance and doesn’t show us in our full deviousness. We thought it would be fun to stage a holdup at Barn Dance so we grabbed … Continue reading

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Green Screen and a simple moral dilemma

A simple moral dilemma…. So I’m working with the films department here at Focus On the Family and they gave me access to their large green screen studio to do a little filming on my own. Just to see if … Continue reading

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Visualization of a Leader-Humility

I took this picture at Horn Creek deep in the Colorado mountains. I got the chance to wander alone into to the woods and stare at the stars. Beyond just taking my breath away (along with the chilly weather), I couldn’t help but a feel tiny. Continue reading

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Focus Leadership Institute

Colorado! The word just makes me smile.  When I think of this state, I have warm (and cold) memories of skiing with friends, eating steaming vegetable soup, hiking epic mountain ranges, and gazing at the stars while breathing deeply of … Continue reading

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