So you might be thinking to yourself…


What’s the purpose of this blog?

(What’s the purpose of this blog?)

Let me answer that amazing question:

(Why thank you!)

Talk is cheap.

I am purposeful and careful with my words.

Therefore, I, Christopher Kaspar, vow to not post anything that I truly don’t believe is worth you taking your time to read, watch, or experience.

This blog is composed of films, videos, photos, poetry, songs and general reflections on life, all with a twist of creativity thrown in between the lines.

I want to post things that are relevant, succinct, and somewhat focused with purposeful fun.
I want to incorporate creative, novel ideas that bring a fresh or new perspective to life. I want to boldly speak in the face of culture and popular belief on things that are not glorifying to God. Thoughts I share may sound weird and counter-cultural. That’s ok. I’m not called to be part of this world.

Thoughts, ideas and concepts may be black and white, or may be spiritual, scriptural, complex, technical, and more abstract in nature. When deemed relevant, I will often expedite or summarize what I am thinking in order not to bore you (the reader) with tiny details. Know that every sentence I share often has hours of conversation or solid reasoning behind it. Welcome to my learning process!

***Note:  Specifically pertaining to written aspect of this blog, I will be posting things that I am learning AS I am learning them. This means thoughts will be undeveloped, raw and sometimes wrong. Please read what I say, check it Biblically, scrutinize it, and play devil’s advocate. Don’t judge me if I say something you don’t agree with, rather let me know what you think and we can further discuss why we each have come to believe what we believe. I am not a Bible scholar, theologian, but simply a student who wants to glorify God and is a constant state of growing toward this ideal.

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