Now that the summer has come, I’m back in the studio at Drury Univerisity working on sculpture this semester.  I’ve had some time to figure out my purpose for my art and better communicate why I do what I do.

It has taken me years to figure out this statement and it can and will be revised as I grow and change as an artist and a believer.  This will help you understand my work better, although I hope that it can stand on it’s own.  My work is about the story, conversations and relationships of this world.  My inspiration is God’s word, His story, His creation, and all of his broken people.  I look at the pain of this fallen world, the tremendous brokenness of us all, and the opportunity for us to live lives of joy and peace.

“As a cross-disciplinary artist, I am instrumentally driven by a strong desire to share the love of Christ using visual and experiential metaphors to reveal truth about our wold and Creator in winsome, compelling ways.”

In the past, I have hated church and certain types of Christians, but I have come to see that they are broken people that need God’s grace just as much as anybody else.  In the past, I have shrouded my true artistic intentions behind a veil to keep from being labeled as one of the religious hypocrites that I so readily despise.  Very recently, I have “come out of the closet” as a believer in the art community because I know that I’m not one of them.  I do love (or at least I try) I don’t judge (or at least I try) and I actually create compelling work (or at least I try).  I want to care about other people, whatever and wherever life has taken them and share the love and truth of a full life knowing and being known by God…a life of peace and joy that I’ve experienced. So I come to the canvas as a broken person who has seen and tasted the darker side of life, but I know that with God’s grace, the selfish intentions I harbor can be replaced with the perfect love of Christ for the world and its people.

I say all that just to warn you: I will share scripture and speak of spiritual things; not to be a religious bigot or to stuff some papery tract down people’s throats, but to maintain my integrity as an artist…to truly share with you what inspires me and drives my art.

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Music, Art, Jesus; These are things I love!
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