(as always, you really should watch this video in HD on Vimeo)

Here is a quick little video I made documenting my proposal (at least the part I want to share with you) for marriage to the lovely Ciera Carson (soon to be Ciera Kaspar).

I came the night before and set up everything in the church for the shoot.  The next day we had an all day date planned where we bought the canvas, built the stretcher, stretched the canvas and then had some great friends serve us dinner.  Little did Ciera know that she was served a worm in her soup (payback from the time she fed me a chocolate covered worm).

Here are the 2 strapping lads who helped serve dinner for the engagement

There are a few other fun details that really were an answer to prayer.  When I proposed, I didn’t actually have a ring yet because I had been working on a custom design and my jewler hadn’t finished my creation quite fast enough so I decided to propose with a piece of string.

After building the stretched canvas from scratch and arriving at the church, I told Ciera to pick a verse that we could base our painting on…much to my surprise and delight, she chose Ecclesiastes 4:12 which is the same verse I chose to base her ring design on.  Her choosing this verse was an amazing coincidence because I hadn’t told her anything about the ring or the design for it.

“Though one may be overpowered,
two can defend themselves.
A cord of three strands is not quickly broken.”
-Ecclesiastes 4:12

So both her ring, and the painting reflect the concept of “a cord of three strands” and show a weave design.

The film is a combination of stop motion and sped-up camera work using a combination of 3 different cameras:

  • Canon 30D with a Tokina 2.8 11-16mm wide angle lens with a intervalometer
  • Panasonic AF-100 with a couple different prime lenses 50mm 1.4, 100mm 1.8
  • Canon 7D with various prime lenses
  • ARRI light kit
  • Various C-Stands, tripod mounts, scrims, diffusers, flags etc.
I used a bunch of different elements including grain, lens flares, stock footage, overlays, glows, and a couple of Final Cut’s preset filters to get the final results.


It was a ton of fun, I’m pleased with the video, but most importantly…she said YES!!!!

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4 Responses to Engaged!

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi Chris, I love the story and i love the ring design, and i know my girlfriend would too! Just wondering where you got it from?

  2. Zane says:

    Hi Chris, I love the story and the ring design! Where did you get it? I know my girlfriend would love it!

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