Chelsi and Brant Wedding

It was a beautiful sunny day in Dallas.  White Rock Lake’s water was gently lapping the shore.  In a few hours, the simple industrial red brick building was soon to be decorated and filled with people celebrating the marriage of Chelsi and Brant.  The purple lilies were prepared and placed and the wedding party arrived, eagerly anticipating the events of the night.

I was excited about this wedding for a few reasons.  The location was simple and classy.  Chelsi and Brant were fun loving and easy to work with.  They agreed to have a photo shoot prior to the wedding and therefore let me use the best light available which in turn let me capture some photos with beautiful lighting.

Thank you again for doing such an outstanding job and for being a joy to work with!”

-Chelsi and Brant

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4 Responses to Chelsi and Brant Wedding

  1. great wedding shots! i was asked to be a 2nd shooter for a wedding on December, and it’ll be my first wedding event… i suck at portraits so i dunno how i could pull it off:'( maybe you can give me some starters if you don’t mind?? the first shot and that of a portrait on the wall are my favorite! 🙂

    • chriskaspar says:

      Thanks for the feedback 🙂
      Knock out that wedding in December…being the 2nd shooter is by far the best way to get your foot in the door; there is no pressure to perform (they’re not depending on you tremendously) but there is always room to impress…the biggest hint with wedding photography is to alway, always be looking around and observing…catch the quick passing moments that most people don’t notice (that is of course on top of the obvious important ones). Best of luck!

  2. Kyle Kaspar says:

    that is some good work bro!!!!

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