Blogging; Just Adding to the Noise

I get discouraged by all of the noise in our society.  Why should I add to it?

We listen to ipodstelevisionradiocdplayers tereosynchronasticsterepophonic surrounsoundmultichannel noisenoisenoise 24 hours a day, 7 days a week…constantly.  We put in our ipods when driving with other people in the car, fall asleep to music, leave the TV running in the background etc.  Our fears begin to emerge in silence so we crank it up louder in order to avoid them.  This habit drowns out the more important speech of our friends our family and God.  We fervently pray to hear God’s voice, yet we live noisy lives with ears attuned to our iPods rather than the heavens.

I can’t stand it.

I’ve fought this syndrom in my own life and gone months without music or media.  At times I’ve been scared of facebook because I feel as if my spiritual growth could be hindered by dwelling too much in a world of superficial communication.  I often avoid blogs, the newspaper, even books by Christian authors so that I can redirect that time from good sources of truth to the purest and best source of truth, the Bible.

I avoid the noise.

That being said, I have had a hard time writing blog posts, tweeting, or facebooking because I feel as if I contribute to the very noise which I am attempting to avoid.

Am I adding to messy conglomerate of information over-saturation?

Why should I contribute to this “problem” facing our culture currently?

I recall a conversation with Dr. Leland, director of the Focus Leadership Institute, when I asked him “Why would I want to personally create more when the world is hypersaturated with messages, agendas and cluttered media?”  He flipped the question back at me (typical Jesus tactic) and I responded “because I know that the art and messages I create speak truth and bring life to the people receiving them.”  He smiled and responded “and that’s why you should create.”

So create I will.

I will write, sketch, paint, sing, film, photograph, conceptualize, design, and do fun crazy things because I know that anything I create is simply a reflection of the master Creator.  Even if I’m not painting nativity scenes or writing praise songs, truth and beauty can and will be communicated in the work that I do.  I will work hard to be attune with my Creator and then enjoy doing whatever it is that He made me to do and by doing so, be salt and light for a dark flavorless world.

So although I think that the blog world crams information into overflowing minds, I will blog.  Even though I know (as a Marketing major) that you are exposed to 3500-5000 marketing messages a day, I will write.  Even though I know that there are thousands of personal truth claims in the world, I will share.

Why?  Because I know that by doing so I can bring life and beauty to a dark world.

If we’re adding to the noise, turn off this song” -Switchfoot

If I’m adding to the noise, quit following this blog

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Music, Art, Jesus; These are things I love!
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