Elephant Supper

Ned sat down to eat an elephant.
He knew he could do it and live to tell of it.
So with salt, pepper, a knife and a fork,
he blessed his huge supper and started to work.
Ned started at the head and worked toward the tail.
He wouldn’t stop or slow down. Yes, he would prevail.
He ate and he ate and he ate and he ate
and the elephant slowly vanished from his very large plate.
His jaw soon got tired as he chomped and he chewed,
never had it processed this much food.
Baked, sauteed, and even deep fried,
Ned couldn’t eat it all, no matter how hard he tried.
His stomach bulged out, he let out a wail,
Ned painfully realized that he had failed.
However he had newfound wisdom both profound and relevant.
That no man can possibly eat a whole elephant.

I wrote this poem about 1 Corinthians 12 concerning spiritual gifts.

We each have our own unique spiritual gifts. It is silly and foolish to think we could have all of them.

About chriskaspar

Music, Art, Jesus; These are things I love!
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2 Responses to Elephant Supper

  1. Anonymous says:

    very shel silverstein of you. nice work!

  2. just brakes says:

    the difference is, your plain man has a body that doesn’t grow to encompass what he’s eating. with the holy spirit living inside of us, we have the promise that we move from “glory to glory” until we are “perfect as he is perfect” – until we are his likeness as well. i think it only makes sense, then, that each gift is availble to and intended for the sons of the King. You impose limits on a people whose destiny (=eternity=now.) is boundless.

    ps i just found your blog today and i love reading it! and i think you’re really wise and wonderful!

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