Proverbs 2…in a Haiku

I really want to get a grasp on the world of poetry as a whole so I’m working on exploring various forms ranging from the structured Villanelle to the lax free verse.  In the past, I’ve written some stuff that is quite complex and takes some in depth analysis to appreciate, but I find that more often than not, people appreciate the more simple things in life.  As I explore forms, I’ll include what I find interesting about that particular form.

Haiku-A Japanese form which tends to focus on the natural world and often the seasons. Usually have a cutting word and use of a specific punctuation point to separate two ideas.  In my opinion, these are relatively simple to write and can be done well with relatively little effort.


Proverbs 2 in a Haiku


If, wisdom you seek

listen, search, apply, cry out.

Then, wisdom you find



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