High Dynamic Range (HDR) Photography

Do you ever take pictures of a landscape near sundown and the sky is beautiful, but everything else is an outline? Or maybe you get detail in the horizon, but the sky is washed out.

There is a solution.

So I’m learning how to shoot HDR photography. This is a cool effect that can used to combine two or more photographs of the same image to pull detail out of the shadows and keep detail in the highlights. I’ve been familiar with the concept for quite some time, but I am just now about to start fleshing out the ideas that could be used.

Here is a sample I did:

1) Take an underexposed picture which shows details in the highlights

2) combine it with an overexposed picture which captures details in the shadows

3) Do a little photoshop magic and whalah! You get the best of both worlds

Do be careful because to not blow your settings out of the water because the amateur HDRer will make pictures look fairly psychedelic (the one above is guilty).

If you have any hints or want to share some HDR photos you have taken, please do share…I’m just sticking my toes in the water on this one.

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