Visualization of a Leader-Hospitality


So while attending Texas A&M, I had the amazing opportunity to be “mentored” by the head of the Marketing Graduate Program, Dr. Steve McDaniel.  Dr. Mac, as everyone called him is a genuine, fun man of God who has an obvious love for his wife, family, job, and life in general.

Throughout the year, he would take me out to lunch and even though I always offered to pay for the meal, he would alway insist on treating me.  At first, this confused me, but I soon learned to accept his kindness graciously and enjoy hanging out with him, asking questions about life, and hearing stories about his faith and family.  As the school year rolled on,  Dr. Mac taught me many important things and helped me gain a clearer picture of what truly is important in life.  Dr. Mac taught me a huge lesson just by paying for my lunch every other week.

Dr. Mac held his precious time and resources with a loose hand willing to bless other people in order to show them love. He recognizes and embodies the attitude that his stuff, money, time, and home weren’t his, but God’s

I want to believe this and live my life accordingly.  I hope an pray that I will live my life with an open door and open hand attitude and always be willing to accept people into deeper parts of my life by simply being hospitable and inviting them into my home.

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