Graffiti, Tattoos, and Motorcycle Wrecks (Part 3 of 3)

Motorcycle Wrecks

Alright, I have another confession to make…I was driving a moped and I didn’t have a wreck…but I did see blood.

So here we were in Turkey with nothing to do.  “Lets rent mopeds!”  We went to renter, gassed em up, put on our helmets, and off we went.

So we spent the next two day gallivanting throughout the Turkish hills enjoying the countryside cuisine and homegrown sightseeing when all of a sudden “BAM! bam bam bam bam…” my muffler fell off.  “Oh great, you know I’m going to have to pay for that.”  I rode home on the back of another guy’s moped (2 guys on one moped=not cool) and bought a wrench to do some repairs (AKA remove my muffler so it wouldn’t drag on the ground).

The next day, I was riding my now very loud moped behind my good friend Mark Fondren who was zooming ahead.  We approached a sharp turn a little to quickly and he hit the gravel on the side of the road.  This consequently caused him to lose traction and slide a good 30 feet before coming to a halt.  Mud, blood, gasoline and little plastic parts were strewn here and there, but Mark had all his appendages and the moped still worked.  Man…the people who rented out their scooters to us were not going to be happy at all.

In the end, Mark came out with only minor scars and I ended up not having to pay for my muffler after all.


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    Thank you wery much

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