Musical Friends With Talent

Over the last four years, I have made friends with some extremely talented musicians, bands and songwriters.  The following are my favorite and are definitely worth listening to.  If things go well, one or all of these guys have the potential to be headliners in a few years.

The Monarchy: Wow.  Songwriting talent and ambitious production sounds like Angles and Airwaves meets Coldplay.  The album as a whole uses a fun accent and vocal layers to tell a powerful intricate story.  This is music with purpose and depth.

Eliot Fitzgerald: Emotionally driven vocals and complex lyrics beg you to listen over and over again.  These guys have shaped my songwriting significantly.  Listen to “Monsters.”

One Big Owl: Folk rock with complex orchestration.  These guys reek of talent.

Sephra: Roots music, upbeat pop feel with the soulful voice of a 300 lb. black lady.

Aubrey Hunt: Acoustic with tender vocals that draw you in like a Siren.

There are a few other friends who are worth mentioning, but are working on recording or don’t have a website right now:  Sarah Degroat, Travis Maddry, Andrew Kaiser, Kate Wheeler, Kristen Schroeder

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Music, Art, Jesus; These are things I love!
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1 Response to Musical Friends With Talent

  1. Clay Joyner says:

    Good stuff Chris……You are sounding more and more like a music journalist. You can paint a pretty picture with those words. Keep up the good work. Hope things are going well for you….

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