Hello World

A Sestina, a complex poetic form where the last words of each line rotate in a specific order

Hello World

The Various Phases of a Lifetime

the world.

“Hello world.”
“Welcome birth.”
I react to
sights by eyes.
hospital doors open.

Toy chest, “Open!”
Yes, “I rule this world.”
My stomps and steps are wide.
Narcissistic since birth.
Glaring gleam from my eyes.
What am I oblivious to?

These awkward years and unlocked doors to
inviting dark hallways chanting “we are open.”
Firsts; car, friend, and love to stare into my eyes.
First recognition of sin; the ways of the world.
Perplexingly taught, “Should I again seek birth?”
The endless expanse of piled questions is wide.

The recognized extent of my selfishness, ego and pride is wide.
Urgent numbers, dollars, people, places, and ideas to attend to.
Responsibility weighs heavily as it has grown and given birth
to the kids, through the wife.  Now I understand and I’m open
to my mistakes.  I see them all.  I’m stained black by the world.
Now I see, seek, and think with my heart along with my eyes.

Care and compassion is woven in my gray hair and seen in my glazed eyes.
I traversed joyous peaks and painful canyons; experiences deep and wide.
Freedom found in acceptance of my broken state, being a being, in this world.
Consistent routine of morning after morning has taught and brought me to
simplicity.  So with my coffee and dentures, the oily pages of my Book I open
and grow wiser, stronger and more discerned.  I reconfirm my second birth.

Things above I look to, as I infinitely close weary eyes.
A murmur of a phrase do my lips give birth. “Goodbye world.”
My vision is clear, faint angelic melodies I hear; the pearly gates are open wide.

About chriskaspar

Music, Art, Jesus; These are things I love!
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3 Responses to Hello World

  1. kaitschw says:

    I cannot explain how much I like this. Everything about it, the form, the theme, the whole thing.

  2. Kais says:

    Easily the most epic piece of I’ve read of yours.

    Each paragraph becomes more complex – a clever touch.

    From simplicity to intricacy to simplicity again…

  3. Kais says:

    So, unobservant me, I didn’t realize it was form poetry. It’s beautiful, bro.

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