Quality time is not equivalent to Quantity time!

Me and a good friend were chatting at 4:30 in the morning and we came to the realization that we were getting “burned out” by hanging out for hours on end with our friends. We cohesively decided, “Quality time is not equivalent to Quantity time.” This is a complex idea and there are many facets, angles and implications of the idea, but here is the most important takeaway:

As leaders for Christ, we need to be focused and purposeful with the limited time and resources given to us.

There is significant merit to having long, crazy adventures, BUT being focused and intentional with conversations and time we spend together can be even more powerful. More spiritual growth can come from an intentional five minute conversation that from 9 hours of constant hangout time.

Applying this concept requires practice and discipline. So seek out people for specific amounts of time, being intentional and focused with your efforts. Use this time to bless, speak truth, encourage and exhort.

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1 Response to Quality time is not equivalent to Quantity time!

  1. Jamie Whitt says:

    Definitely, agreed. It’s easy to fall into that, though, especially in Aggieland- hangouts are such an integral part to all activities, that the hangout ideology creeps into (and easily takes over) any & all personal/spiritual connections.

    You’re a cool guy, Chris. I think it’s neat that you not only noticed this, but you’re trying to do something about it. I know I got swamped in quantity and lost all sight of, and trust in quality’s mere existence. Good luck with it, man.

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