Restructure of “A Splash of Color” Blog

What’s Going on?
I am about to restructure my blog to include not just video, but photos, stories, poetry and my thoughts on life. Specifically pertaining to written aspect of this blog, I am about to gradually begin posting things that I am learning AS I am learning them. This means thoughts will be undeveloped, raw and sometimes wrong. Please read what I say, check it Biblically, scrutinize it, and play devil’s advocate. Don’t judge me if I say something you don’t agree with, rather let me know what you think and we can further discuss why we each have come to believe what we believe. I am not a Bible scholar, theologian, but simply a student who wants to glorify God and is a constant state of growing toward this ideal.

There are reasons for and against posting my thoughts publicly and restructuring this blog to include more than just video.

    Reasons for:

-I want to develop my writing skills and credibility as a writer
-I want to boldly proclaim what Christ has been teaching me because I know many other people are experiencing the same things.
-I want to post more often. Creating films is a very time intensive process and I cannot post videos as often as I like.
-I have some entertaining and thought provoking experiences that would beneficial for others to know about.

    Reasons against:

-Pride. I do not want to be seen as “wise” in the eyes of my readers. Recognize that any thoughts I have are often based on something else I have read or seen, a man of God that has shared invaluable wisdom with me, or these words are straight from the Word of God.
-Hurting the image of Christ. I am imperfect, Christ is perfect. Because of this fact, things I post may diminish the validity of Christianity or people’s idea of Christ. That being said, I earnestly pray that this blog does nothing but encourage and uplift His kingdom and I will be very careful to post things that are uplifting do not bring division, but rather unity to the body of Christ.


I want to post things that are relevant, succinct, and somewhat focused with purposeful fun.
I want to incorporate creative, novel ideas that bring a fresh or new perspective to life. I want to boldly speak in the face of culture and popular belief on things that are not glorifying to God. Thoughts I share may sound weird and counter-cultural. That’s ok. I’m not called to be part of this world.

These thoughts could be spiritual, scriptural, complex and more abstract in nature. When deemed relevant, I will often expedite or summarize what I am thinking in order not to bore you (the reader) with tiny details. Know that every sentence I share often has hours of conversation or solid reasoning behind it. Welcome to my learning process!

I am purposeful and careful with my words. Talk is cheap. Therefore, I, Christopher Kaspar, vow to not post anything that I truly don’t believe is worth you taking your time to read, watch, or experience.

About chriskaspar

Music, Art, Jesus; These are things I love!
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1 Response to Restructure of “A Splash of Color” Blog

  1. Kyle says:

    awesome! cant wait to hear what youve been learning bro

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