The Casino Church

My good friend Cody Kimmel wrote an article on his blog that I really think is interesting, sad, and powerful. Cody talks about the delusion of the prosperity gospel in a poetic and haunting way. Here was my quick response:

What is the Biblical definition of blessings?

Where have people turned wrong? Is it the assumption that blessings are equivalent to money, health, stuff, stuff, and stuff? Sure this sounds good, but what does the Bible mean when it mentions blessings?

A fulfilling life?

Not an easy, hakuna matata, pina colado on the beach kind of life, but rather one that is filled with passion, eternal purpose, and an inhuman love. A life that is in submission to our powerful God who fills us with his unconditional love, his peace, and joy in the midst of the dark and light times that we all face sometime or another. Now that sounds like a blessing bigger than any church, person, or business could ever hope to dish out.

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