Coming home and a long train ride

So I have been quite busy the last few weeks. I know I haven’t posted anything in a while, but be prepared for a few videos outlining my time in Xian. More exciting than that, I have been working hard on the film that Kyle, Garrett and I captured earlier this summer. There has been a huge gap in my blog where I haven’t been posting anything and this is the time that we have been busy having manly adventures and interviewing people…

I’m not going to tell you much more, but I think I finally decided on a title, so I can go ahead and release that…ok, are you ready?


There you go, now you have it…stay tuned and I will keep you posted on this adventure as things slowly come together. Pray that this film speaks to people in a powerful way.

The next week entails visiting a friend, getting a custom tailored suit, and haggling at the pearl market in Beijing…but I can’t wait to get home after a long summer abroad.

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Music, Art, Jesus; These are things I love!
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