Lessons in a train station

I’m sitting in the train station in Marseille, France with nothing but time on my hand so I would love to reflect on some of the lessons I have learned while traveling.

Summary: Garrett Milner and my brother and I have been working on a film of a lifetime where we are sharing the gospel with people all throughout Europe (and North Africa). It has indeed been an amazing journey and God has really provided in so many ways. Our travels have had our share of ups and downs but in the end I know my God is good and he desperately loves all of the people that we meet.

I have learned how important it i to truly know what you believe and to be strong in courageous in your faith, unashamed of the gospel, despite the scary fact that it condemns non-believers to death…I have talked with athiest, mormons, followers of Islam and people who claim to be Christains but don’t take the title seriously…and I have a new focus for my life:

1) To love God

2) To love others

these things are easy to say and hard to practice, but I am thinking and praying for opportunities and ways to share this love with everyone.

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Music, Art, Jesus; These are things I love!
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