Paris and baguettes…day one

I now have internet so I can give you a more frequent update of my travels

Thursday, May 21

Today was a travel day, to Paris we go.  The highlight of the trip was taking the chunnel beneath the English channel.  The concept of traveling beneath water on a bus which is parked on a train is fun to think about.  We arrived at Paris, held a meeting about Paris, Apple Computer, and Galleries Lafayette, the companies we will be visiting tomorrow.  Without any hesitation, the whole crew hopped on the Metro to the Eiffel Tower for a photo shoot and peaceful dinner beneath its lights.  It was here that I realized how truly different French dining is than our American way of eating.  People truly do make eating an important part of life, they enjoy their meals, and take about twice as long to have appetizers, the main course and of course a glass of wine.  Already I could tell Paris was a much more loose society; there was much more variety in the people, the dress, and the languages.

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