How did I skin my knee in Paris? Eiffel!

I actually just made that joke up!  Ha!

Dear Diary, today was another great day (is there such thing as a bad day?).

Man!  How in the world could people keep a consistent diary?  We visited the French headquarters for Apple computer where we learned about differences between French and American business cultures specifically relative to sales.  Garrett and I recorded a quick song on Garage band while we were in the store.  During the presentation, I recognized on of my friends from Texas A&M and another picture that was at the Academic building.  We are in Paris, and our friends pictures are in this international presentation!  Next I took the metro to the Musee’ de Orsay where I could marvel at works by Monet and Van Gough.  I decided I am going to create a compilation of paintings that I really like to be the background on my computer.  Next was a quick trip to the market where I got some very interesting sausages and the girls bought some decorative clothes.  Tonight a group of us went to the one and only skyscraper in Paris for the view of a lifetime.  We sat atop the building and sang songs, recorded video, ate baguettes, and watched the sun go down.  The view from here was stunning and we could see everything from the Eiffel tower to the Arce de Triumph from our perch high in the sky.   To end the night, and our stay in Paris, we gallivanted over to the park beneath the Eiffel tower where we sang and talked about life until the night was late.  So I sat down for lunch and started to cut the sausage I bought at the market only to realize that it was raw…gross!  I tried a piece and barely was able to finish it and have since decided that raw meat is really not my thing.  The rest of the day consisted of driving throughout the beautiful French countryside.  Now we are riding the bus to Avignon!

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