Avignon, France


We are here for a day.

“On the bridge of Avignon we are dancing all around!”  Last night, the moment I laid on my bed, my eyes shut and I fell into a deep sleep.  Upon waking up at 3 am, I realized I still had my contacts in, my clothes on, and I was still sleeping on top of my still made bed.  I had an awesome time with the Lord this morning and read as I listened to a very talented accordion player as I drew the Palaid de Papes, the fortress that the Pope lived in for a hundred years.  This guy was awesome and I recorded about 15 minutes of him playing and upbeat waltz and a more somber Italian tune.  This quaint town was covered with luxury shops and completely surrounded by a large brick wall.  For some reason, I absolutely love to find local markets where fresh fruits and vegetables are sold, and much to my excitement, I found Les Halles, the perfect local market.  Sadly, I didn’t buy any raw sausage this time, but the experience was fun nonetheless.  Before leaving the hotel, we had a face off between the two different busses singing the song I started today’s post with.  Needless to say, our bus dominated as we brought out a rap, dancers, and an ancient war hymn.

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Music, Art, Jesus; These are things I love!
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