Overview of The Summer

Europe, Spain and China!

I have some crazy plans, but here is the big picture overview of my summer and what I’ll be doing and where I’ll be going.

First:  Marketing Study abroad trip

I am enrolled in a study abroad trip for Texas A&M University Marketing Department.  There are 75 Aggies going on the trip and I’m getting a solid 6 hours of international credit…A Whoop!  We are going to visit Oxford in London, Paris France, Munich Germany,  Innsbruck Austria, Nice France, and Lucerne Switzerland.  I’m very excited because I am touring with some of the most amazing faculty at A&M campus:  The Smiths and McDaniels.

Second:  Backpacking with my bro!

After the tour of Europe, the group flies home, but my brother flies up to join me and my good friend Garrett Milner for an extended three week tour of who knows where.  The only plans we have are to spend our first 9 days in Spain…after that, who knows!  I’m really excited about getting some quality man time with my brother because he is such a stud.

Third:  China?

Yessir, I fly home, take a whole week break, then hop on another plane for a 14 hour ride to Beijing.  The rest of my summer is filled with an internship through the L.T.Jordan Institute which is a branch of the MSC.  Three days are allotted to stay in Beijing and then I fly to Xian to live with my host family and work for my employer.  I have no idea who I am working for or what I will be doing, but I can gaurantee that it will be interesting.

Fourth:  School

Yep!  As soon as I arrive back from China, I’m piling in a car and going on a retreat for Grace Growth Group leaders…man, talk about jet lag.  Then school.  Hopefully ad drop week won’t be too busy!

All in all, as you can tell, this summer is packed full and I am going to miss everyone so much.  Please keep me updated with emails/comments on my posts.  Hopefully I won’t be too far removed from the internet during my travels.

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Music, Art, Jesus; These are things I love!
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